A Ansible playbook for installing Mastodon
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An Ansible playbook to install Mastodon


  • Latest stable version of Ansible
  • Server(s) running Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04 LTS for hosting Mastodon

Testing status

Mastible was tested on 20/08/2020 with Ansible 2.9.12 running against a Ubuntu 20.04 server.

Instructions for running this playbook (first time install)

  • Copy group_vars/all.sample to group_vars/all and edit it to specify the database name you wish to use with Mastodon. LOCAL_DOMAIN value is mandatory, it is your instance domain/sub-domain. The PostgreSQL database role will drop this database in preparation for Mastodon's database setup so make sure this is not a database you are currently using
  • Copy roles/mastodon-config/templates/.env.production.sample to roles/mastodon-config/templates/.env.production, edit with all relevant details.
  • Make a hosts file that looks like this:
  • Run the playbook with ansible-playbook -i hosts --extra-vars='install=true' site.yml

Instructions for using this playbook to update an existing instance

  • Update version number in roles/mastodon-app/tasks/main.yml
  • Run the playbook with ansible-playbook -i hosts site.yml (Note the lack of the install variable which is needed for installation related tasks)